It is very straightforward to follow the corrections of the selected reviewer in your assignment. We have made it so that all our reviewers use Microsoft Word’s review feature, which is simply called ‘record changes’. It is the one that ensures that you can follow all the corrections that the reviewer makes, and there are typically quite a few.

We find that with a thesis there are typically over 2000 corrections, which is all kinds of corrections; it ranges from comma to period to correct spelling and typos as well as rewrite sentences and paragraphs.

When you receive the assignment again, you will see that you receive two editions. You will receive an edition where you can see all the corrections, all the changes that the selected reviewer has made. These changes will appear in the right side of your task. You can choose to proceed with this version of your assignment here, as you can then accept or reject each correction.

Flawless task

It requires deepening and it is imperative that you have good time. This edition is called ‘with correction signs’. If you do not have enough time to go through the proofreading task in Slavic, you can start from the version called ‘without correction signs’. Here all the grammatical corrections and reformulations of sentences have been accepted in advance, and it will then simply be any comments, questions and ideas to improve the task you need to relate to.

Proofreading at Student Correction thus ensures that your assignment is significantly improved. You really need to know that.

You may want to consider now whether it is not a good idea to reserve time for proofreading, as there is always a great demand for our proofreading times. We would like to help you with proofreading of your thesis, proofreading of your bachelor project, proofreading of your SRP assignment, proofreading of your PhD thesis.

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