Our proofreading also goes in and helps you gain control over the academic perspective.

You will often hear lecturers say that it is important to realize that there is a special tradition associated with writing a thesis or a bachelor project. You write into an academic tradition, where you have to think very much about how to communicate. In other words, how to write is not inferior. How are the sentences?

Are they long, are they cringing? Are they short, alternating between long and short sentences? Are there misspellings? Are there phrase errors? Is it meaningful? There are many elements to relate to. There is also reason to distinguish how to write academically. One may well ask yourself how to write a good academic assignment. Answering that question is not immediately easy.

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Here, among other things, training can help. It can proofread as well. At Study Correction, our selected and very professional reviewers help you to read proofs of your assignment with the specific academic language in mind.

That is, the reviewer you choose will help to correct your assignment so that there are no spelling or key errors, just as there will be no comma errors, as the reviewer just puts a comma in your assignment. After that, there will also be the opportunity to purchase an academic form of proofreading, where we hone the writing, make sure the sentences and paragraphs are academically sharp.

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