Our website can ensure you the best proofreading of PhD theses.

It is a good price you get if you contact Martin with questions about whether the Study Proof can handle the proofreading of your PhD thesis.

Here you should know that we can offer both English proofreading for PhD dissertations. With Premium Proof, we can make sure that we also correct so that there are no cringing sentences, because it is so disturbing if the reader / censor falls over sentences that don’t really make sense.

We definitely put commas, too, because that’s what we so often experience as a deficiency in the PhD dissertations we review. It is so crucial to have a good and proper communication, because it simply counts in the assessment when the examiner sits and corrects your PhD thesis. We set a comma according to the comma comma rule, also called the grammatical comma.

PhD proofreading – a good idea

Here there are rules that are easy to adhere to, and thus there is nothing to flatter about.

We proofread your PhD thesis based on the best situation, because we choose the reviewer among our many professional PhD reviewers who have the most experience in proofreading PhD theses and especially in that field. , you write within.

Martin is the man you need to write or call if you want to book a time for Study Proof. He has the calendar open and he can see when it is time for your doctoral dissertation, and we actually read proof of many PhD dissertations over a year. We can offer fast delivery and thorough proofreading of PhD theses at a good price.

You can submit your PhD thesis for proofing, all pages at once. It is also always possible to submit a PhD dissertation for proofing several times. You are in the best hands.